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Anyone can be a student leader. Anyone can run for office and lead his/her school mates. But being a Tapat leader is more than just that. There are certain standards we all have to live up to. This is summed up in the 5 P's :
Principled means knowing what you believe in and standing up for it. The definition also includes knowing what the Tapat principles are and fighting for them as well. Tapat believes that principles should never change, they are the most fundamental part of you.
People get tired of the same old stuff, being Progressive means breaking away from tradition if necessary and finding new things to do or new ways to do things. To stick to the time tested ways is safe but we need a little action every now and then. Progress also means not turning back. We must build on what has already been started and not start anew all the time. Leaders before you have already paved the way, you must continue adding more miles to the road.
Being Pioneering is something Tapat leadership prides itself in. With innovative projects like the Students' Charter, AGAD, the Inter-Fraternity Assembly, and the Library Patrol, Tapat leaders should always be looking for new ways to protect student interests.
Professional leaders are also necessary. We must never let our personal interests and petty quarrels get in the way of our jobs. To be professional is not simply being on the line, it is knowing what your job requires of you and fulfilling them to the best of your abilities. You might think that this clashes with the idea of being personal, but it really doesn't.
To be Personal means to treat people as people and not as mindless machines or simple statistics. A personal leader is also concerned with the welfare of his constituents and seeks to develop them to their full potential.

Tapat does not just tap leaders, we breed them...

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