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Alyansang Tapat sa LaSallista was established on August 16, 1985. Before that, it was known as PANUDLA which stands for PArty of Nationalist, United, Democratic, LAsallites. PANUDLA was among the first political parties established after the reestablishment of Student Councils upon lifting of martial law. PANUDLA was very militant in its approach which led people to suspect them of being a communist front. Which is far from the truth. PANUDLA is left-leaning but is not officially connected with the underground movement. This led to the reorganization into Alyansang Tapat sa LaSallista.

Below is a year by year account of what happened in the past years.


Sambisig vs. Sandigan. SAMBISIG won led by Nani Braganza, who barricaded the campus with other Lasallians protesting the tuition fee increase.


Panudla vs. Lakas Lasallista. Lakas Lasallista won.  Panudla disbanded.  ALYANSANG TAPAT SA LASALLISTA was then formed on August 16, 1985. 


Tapat vs. Santugon.  Tapat triumps.  SC President Barry Ubarra collected tuition fees from students protesting unjustified tuition fee increase.


Tapat sweeps the Executive Board (EB).  Tapat vs. Tinig.  Considered as Tapat's Golden Age as all candidates who ran under Tapat won except one.  Ricky Aguas is President.


A faction weakened the party.  Linkod La Salle was formed.  Tapat lost the majority including the Presidency.


Tapat did not filed candidates to strengthen internal operaions.


After a successful rebuilding, Tapat's revenge was sweet. It once again dominated the elections, with Omar Mercado winning as president and capturing all the EB positions, 3 of the College Presidency seats and a majority of the batch level candidates.


Tapat again fielded Omar Mercado for the SC Presidency, who later won, earning for himself the title of the "only two-time President of the Student Council".


Tapat captured majority of the seats in the SC but lost the Presidency.


Tapat captured majority of the seats in the SC led by President Araceli Habaradas and 4 out of 5 other EB positions. It was this year that the draft for the Student Charter was finished.


Tapat sweeps the EB for the third time with Ampy Rio leading as SC President. It was this year that the draft for the Student Charter was finished.


Tapat sweeps the EB for the fourth time.  Vince Dizon won as SC President and under his leadership, the Students' Charter was ratified. It was also this year that the Inter Fraternity Assembly was established.


Tapat gained 3 out of the 6 EB positions and 4 out of the 6 College Assembly Presidency.


Tapat sweeps the EB for the fifth time again with the battle cry "Ibalik ang Dapat!".  With SC President Nikki Briones, the SC's internal mechanisms are strengthened and groundwork is laid for the fulfillment of the SC Vision.


John Roe Guray is elected president., was able to focus on a lot of relevant issues. Through the SC, DLSU was the only school in the Philippines who was able to pass a stand to the Senate regarding the Visiting Forces Agreement.


This General Election was a tough one for Tapat but it managed to pull through winning  the top 5 out of the 6 EB positions with Rowena Sy as SC President. The campaign focused on the values of unity & collective effort, experience & expertise, focused leadership, political maturity and social responsibility.


Jolina Mallari was elected President. Through Operation Empowerment, the Dress Code & the No Eating Policy were revised. 


Tapat gets half of the EB positions led by current President, Emmeline Aglipay.

Focus:  Maximizing the youth’s vital role in nation building. The Student Cooperative is established.


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