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Article I      : Preamble

Article II     : Name and Seat

Article III    : Membership

Article IV    : Declaration of Principles

Article V     : Declaration of Objectives

Article VI    : Rights and Privileges of Members

Article VII   : Election of Officers

Article VIII  : The Executive Board

Article IX    : The Executive Committee

Article X     : The College Committee

Article XI    : The Core Committee

Article XII   : The General Assembly

Article XIII  : Powers and Responsibilities of the Executive Board Members

Article XIV  : The Student Council Elections

Article XV   : General Provisions

Article XVI  : Amendments

Article XVII : Effectivity





Article I


We, the members of Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista, committing ourselves to the defense and promotion of studentsí rights and welfare, believing that it is a step towards social transformation and a vital part in the process of articulating the peopleís struggle for a just and free society, do ordain and establish this constitution.

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Article II


The name of this organization shall be Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista, the seat of which shall be in De La Salle University, Pebble wash, 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila.

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Article III


The members of the Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista is open to all bona fide undergraduate students of De La Salle University adhering to he principles guiding it.

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Article IV


Sec 1. Tapat commits itself to the service of the students and the nation.

Sec 2. Tapat believes in the need for active student participation in the actualization of the DLSU Mission Statement.

Sec 3. Tapat believes that it is duty-bound to help the Lasallian in their pursuit of academic excellence and freedom in their relevant self-development.

Sec 4. Tapat believes in the vitalization of the inherent social responsibility and leadership perspective of the Lasallian.

Sec 5. Tapat believes that it is duty-bound to pursue and uphold the legitimate rights of the student and promote student welfare.

Sec 6. Tapat believes in the right to education that is relevant, nationalistic, scientific, and mass-oriented.

Sec 7. Tapat is for the formation of individuals who are persons, learners, scholars, and citizens.

Sec 8. Tapat believes that a student leader must be principled, progressive, pioneering, personal, and professional.

Sec 9. Tapat believes that the youth as a sector are propagandists and catalysts for social change and, as such, should help influence society towards a just social cause.

Sec 10. Tapat believes that the youth and students, owing to their perceptiveness, should practice critical awareness and responsiveness to the times.

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Article V


Sec 1. Tapat, as a social organization, shall actively participate in relevant campus and sectoral issues.

1.1 Tapat shall encourage and sponsor regular discussion, talks, symposia, and other activities to further social consciousness among the students.

1.2 #9; Tapat shall provide a venue to encourage active student involvement in just social causes.

Sec 2. Tapat shall take a collective stand on relevant issues concerning the students and the nation made not by the majority but through the weight of reason and argument.

Sec 3. Tapat, as a political organization, shall continuously fight apathy and push for the upliftment of the social and political consciousness of the students.

3.1 Tapat shall strive to influence other political parties and organizations with its kind of politics.

3.2 Tapat shall strive to develop political maturity and social responsibility among students and organizations.

3.3 Tapat shall encourage alliance formation and cooperation with other organizations to further its cause.

Sec 4. Tapat shall actively participate in all electoral exercises within the university and shall field candidates for the Student Council positions.

Sec 5. Tapat shall breed student who are principled, progressive, pioneering, personal, and professional.

5.1 Tapat shall provide relevant and effective training programs to develop potential leadership skills.

5.2 Tapat shall provide a Tapat Orientation Program to further the understanding of its vision and embodiment of its principles.

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Article VI


Sec 1. The right to free and responsible expression of views and opinions regarding party matters.

Sec 2. The right to elect and be elected as official candidates and/or representatives of the party.

Sec 3. The right to develop oneís self intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

Sec 4. The right to be informed about matters regarding the organization.

Sec 5. The right to participate in all organizationís activities.

Sec 6. The right to elect the executive board officers of the organization.

Sec 7. The right to due process.

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Article VII


Sec 1. The Executive Board (EB) shall handle all matters pertaining to the election unless the EB deems it necessary to create an ad hoc committee to facilitate the elections.

Sec 2. The Core Committee officers except for the EB positions shall be appointed by the EB or ad hoc committee formed.

Sec 3. Official Core Committee officers are eligible to run for any EB position.

Sec 4. The EB members shall be elected from among the official Core committee officers by the Core Committee officers themselves, the outgoing Core Committee, EB members, and the EB candidates of the party for the Student Council.

Sec 5. All Core Committee officers must undergo the Tapat Basic Orientation and Training Program before their appointment can become official.

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Article VIII


Sec 1. The composition of the Executive Board shall be:

1.1 The President

1.2 Vice-President

1.3 Secretary

1.4 Treasurer

Sec 2. The power and responsibilities of the Executive Board as follows:

2.1 To uphold and abide by the Constitution and by-laws of the organization.

2.2 To create committees and to nominate and appoint officers as deemed necessary to meet the partyís objectives and activities.

2.3 To decide on all matters pertaining to overall smooth governance of the party.

2.4 To supervise the operation of the party.

2.5 To be accountable for all the decisions and actions undertaken.

Sec 3. The qualifications of the members of the Executive Board are as follows:

3.1 Is a bona fide student of De La Salle University.

3.2 Possesses good moral character.

3.3 Appointed as Core Committee officer.

3.4 Has taken the Tapat Basic Orientation and Training Program.

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Article IX


Sec 1. The Executive Committee (EXECOM) shall be composed of:

1.1 The Executive Board

1.2 Appointed heads and assistant heads of committees.

Sec 2. The EXECOM shall have the following functions:

2.1 To plan and implement the organizationís activities, projects, and programs.

2.2 To coordinate and account for the organizationís university wide activities with EB.

2.3 To perform any other function deemed necessary by the EB.

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Article X


Sec 1. The College Committee shall be composed of the college governors from the different college of the University and shall be directly answerable to the President.

Sec 2. The College Committee shall:

2.1 Handle all party matters and operations in their respective colleges.

2.2 Function as a grievance and information center for the organizationís members, particularly its mass base and the elected Student Council officers in their respective colleges.

2.3 Monitor performance of its elected SC members and continuously eye and recruit potential student leaders.

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Article XI


Sec 1. The Core Committee (CORE) shall be composed of the:

      1. Executive Committee
      2. College Committee

Sec. 2. The CORE shall be responsible for the overall governance, operation, and coordination of the organization.

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Article XII


Sec 1. The General Assembly shall be the highest decision-making body of the organization, which shall convene at least a year for the Tapat Convention.

Sec 2. The General Assembly shall be composed of:

      1. The Core Committee
      2. The elected Student Council officers of the party
      3. The general membership

Sec 3. In absence of the General Assembly, the EB has the power to decide.

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Article XIII


Sec 1. The President shall:

      1. Preside over all the meetings of the Executive Board.
      2. Coordinate all activities and actions taken by any office.
      3. Have the power to intervene in all affairs concerning the party.
      4. Have the power to delegate authority to other officers and members.
      5. In case of a state of emergency, make decisions for the party and be answerable to the Executive Board for the consequences of such.
      6. Take responsibility over the internal operations within the University.
      7. Establish liaisons with other student organization and relevant entities.

Sec 2. The Vice - President shall:

      1. Oversee all operations concerning committees.
      2. Coordinate and oversee the implementation of special projects and activities.
      3. Supervise the information dissemination of university-wide activities, programs, and campaigns of the party through publications, publicity, and membership.
      4. Perform other functions as deemed necessary by the President.
      5. Handle the training and development projects and/or activities.
      6. Supervise the planning and implementation of issue advocacy programs.
      7. Perform other functions to facilitate the discharge of his/her responsibilities on acts prescribed them.

Sec 3. The Secretary shall:

      1. Have the responsibility of handling and maintaining all pertinent documents within the organization.
      2. Make him/herself available to the different officers as deemed necessary by the President.
      3. Perform other functions to facilitate the discharge of his/her responsibilities on acts prescribed herein.
      4. Perform other functions as deemed necessary by the President.

Sec 4. The Treasurer shall:

      1. Have the jurisdiction over all financial transactions entered into by the party, internal or otherwise
      2. Handle all matters pertaining to the organizationís funds.
      3. Perform other functions to facilitate the discharge of his/her responsibilities on acts prescribed herein.
      4. Perform other functions as deemed necessary by the President.

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Article XIV


Sec 1. Tapat, as a political party of DLSU, shall take part in the electoral exercises within the University and, as such, shall field for the positions of the Student Council (SC) Executive Board, College Assembly, and Batch & Legislative Assembly Representatives.

Sec 2. The partyís candidates for the SC EB shall be decided upon the General Assembly through a convention to be held on the trimester of the school year.

2.1 A plurality vote of confidence is needed for a nominee to be chosen as the partyís official standard bearer or EB candidate.

      1. A protest against any chosen nominee by 50% + 1 of all present in the convention shall render a candidacy invalid.
      2. In case no nominees in presented for a position, the convention delegates shall have the privilege of nominating one whose candidacy shall be decided upon the Core Committee officers.
      3. A screening committee, as formed by the EB officers of Tapat, shall decide on the eligibility of initial nominees before official nominees are presented.
      4. The nomination and screening process for the convention shall be provided in the Election Primer.

Sec 3. The qualifications of a nominee for the SC EB positions are as follows:

      1. Must be a bona fide member of Tapat for at least two trimesters.
      2. Must have taken Tapat Basic Orientation and Training Program.

Sec 4. All candidates must undergo the Tapat Basic Orientation and Training Program and become members of Tapat.

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Article XV


Sec. 1. The Executive Board officers shall have a term of one school year, which will begin on the first term of the school year upon the proclamation as newly elected officers and will end upon the election of a set of EB officers.

Sec. 2. The CORE shall serve with the highest degree of responsibility, integrity, and efficiency and shall remain accountable to the students.

Sec. 3. Members of the EB may be removed from the office any of the following reasons:

      1. Any willful or gross violation of this Constitution.
      2. Gross negligence of duty.
      3. Any of the which undermines the integrity of Tapat.

Sec. 4. A majority vote of no confidence by the CORE officers shall be sufficient to remove any EB member from office.

Sec. 5. The presidential succession shall be as follows: Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer.

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Article XVI


Any amendments or revisions to this Constitution may be done so through the initiative of the majority of the CORE officers.

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Article XVII


The Constitution shall take effect immediately upon approval of the majority of the delegates of the Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista convention.

This Constitution was drafted in January 1994 by:

Garry Dasig (LC Representative, 47th ENG)

Vince Dizon (LC Representative, FAST 91)

Erick Escalda (LC Representative, CATCH 94)

Araceli Habaradas (President, DLSU Student Council)

Herns Hermida (College Governor, College of Computer Studies)

Vanessa Lopez (President, TAPAT)

Marlon Murallon (Batch Representative, FOCUS 91)

Katrina Ocampo (Secretary, SC Office of the President)

Sherwin Ona (LC Representative, CATCH 94)

Marshall Ongteco (VP-Internal, Tapat)

Bambie Picazo (VP-Finance, Tapat)

Ampy Rio (VP-Activities, DLSU Student Council)

Jed Villiones (VP-Academics, Student Council)


Constitution revised in the April 1996 by:

Vanessa Lopez, President, Tapat, 1992-1994

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Copyright © 2002 by Alyansang Tapat sa LaSallista. All rights reserved.