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TAPAT  (n.) . (1) the oldest political party in De La Salle University; (2) an alliance of organizations and individuals who believe in active student participation; (3) an organization embodying the creed of creating a Pro-Student and Pro-People student government.
Everyone is entitled to their own principles but we at Tapat are united by common principles, beliefs that all of us subscribe to. Beliefs like working for the existence of a Pro-Student and Pro-People Student Government.
Pro-Student,  in that it has and always will fight for the rights of the students and uplift their welfare. Above all things, it is our constituents, the students, who must be our priority -- at all times. That is why Tapat has always pushed for policies and projects that will protect students' rights like the Student Charter, Tuition Fee Board, and the Academic Grievance Assistance Drive (AGAD) and promote our welfare like the Pahiram Libro and the Student Council Assistance Fund.
Pro-People,  means we must never limit ourselves to the walls of La Salle. We must have a genuine concern for other members of society and the country in general. Social awareness is merely the first step, action and commitment are more important. Tapat believes that Lasallians have a strong voice. Society will listen to us if only we speak out. It is up to us to make sure that we indeed speak out.
Believing in there, it is never enough for a Tapat leader to provide quality activities to the students. Tapat believes in quality activities whose purpose, goals and objectivities are for the development of students' sense of social responsibility.
Tapat leaders will go against all odds to protect students' rights and uphold students' welfare. We recall part Tapat leaders who barricaded the school against tuition increase or marched the congress lobbying for the Magna Carta. This is why a victory for Tapat is truly a victory for the students!
Tapat believes in unity and collective effort. Walang kanya-kanya. Everyone works in cooperation with everyone else. Working on your own is probably enough to make you a star but working together with others is the only way to make sure you leave a legacy.

Tapat was established on August 16, 1985.
It is the winningest political party in DLSU.

Copyright 2001 by Alyansang Tapat sa La Sallista. All rights reserved.